Alina's Biography

Alina was born in Bucharest, Romania, and on her way to immigrating to Canada she and her parents have lived in Israel and Greece. Alina has very strong cultural ties to both the Romanian and Middle Eastern cultures, in constant contact with her family in those areas of the world. Alina has traveled to Romania and the Middle East many times, though no matter how long she stays or how often she visits, it's never enough.

Alina started her first ballet class at the age of 5, and continued with a variety of other dance and movement classes throughout her school years; jazz, modern, ballroom, various folk dance classes, gymnastics and drama. As Alina developed as a dancer she has gone on to more challenging and rewarding forms of dance, always craving to learn more. Alina's largest influences by far have come from ballet (which she has taken for the longest period of time) and from Romanian folk dancing with the Balada Romanian Folk Dance Ensemble (which she has been consistently involved with since 1990). The Romanian dance maestros that Alina has studied with include; E. Ann Smreciu, Theodor & Lia Vasilescu, Ionel Garoafa, Marin Stârcu, Sonia Dion & Cristian Florescu, and Viorel Vatamaniuc.

Alina has been a professional belly dancer since 1999, studying with Anemone Ruder (Isis Dance Productions Ltd.), Bozenka, Farasha, Hadia, Sabura, and Samourah. Alina has also had the honour to dance regularly to live music provided by local and guest musicians including; Ahmad Omar, Mohammed Al Mowed, Saeed Al Mowed, "Ahmed the drummer", Amin Le Ain and Rima Chamas.

In her spare time Alina is a botanist.

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